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Escaping Output in Laravel

We all know how crucial it is to escape output, but I couldn't find a way of doing this in Laravel (other than using the HTML::entities or the PHP functions). There must be a nice, clean and easy way of doing this;

As it turns out, it's very simple if you are using Laravel 3 (I've not tried earlier versions) or Laravel 4 and the blade templates:

Laravel 3

Escaped output: {{{ $user->username }}}

Raw output: {{ $user->username }}

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Sigma - Time tracking widget


Today we launched Sigma; a Mac OSX Dashboard widget that records and posts time to FreeAgent (although you can use it to just track time without FreeAgent).

Sigma was born from a frustration with time sheets and not always remembering to fill them in; it was also troublesome to jump between projects and still record time accurately. So I decided to develop a widget to track time with a simple button to post the time to FreeAgent.

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How to apply a Magento patch

On 5 July 2012, Magento announced that a serious security vulnerability had been found in Zend Framework upon which Magento is built. Therefore, this has / will effect the vast majority of Magento stores. The flaw was in the XML RPC part of Zend Framework, and basically allows an attacker to access files on the server which they shouldn't be able to (this could include password files, configuration files and so on).

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Getting the most out of your emails - IMAP vs. POP


A few clients have been asking what IMAP and POP are and what the difference is. IMAP and POP are two different methods for retrieving your email from a mail server. Selecting the best method for you will be based on your circumstances and how you plan to work with your emails. I will give you a quick overview of each method, then suggest your best set up.

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